eXtasy cover for Collision with Paradise

Collision with Paradise is Kate Wylde’s latest book, scheduled for release soon with eXtasy Books.

An alien jungle hides the ghosts of ancient Earth and the answer to one woman’s fantasy

When Genevieve Dubois, Zeta Corp’s hot shot starship pilot, accepts a research mission aboard ZAC I to the mysterious planet Eos, she not only collides with her guilty past but with her own ultimate fantasy.

Genevieve thinks she’s found paradise in the jungle planet of Eos and its people; only to discover that she has brought the seed of destruction that will destroy it. And Eos, whose steaming jungles harbour an eerie connection with Atlantis, is not the paradise she envisioned after all. When she is forced to journey through the perilous jungle to redeem herself and save the man she loves, its intoxicating breath threatens Genevieve’s very sanity with secrets not only of her guilty past but of ancient Earth.

Collision with Paradise is Kate Wylde’s latest sensuous SF romantic thriller, previously published with Liquid Silver Books and now re-released with eXtasy Books. Nominated for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award, Collision with Paradise has already garnered considerable praise:

[Wylde] presents a very intelligent story, with fantastic world-building…an intriguing tale.”—Romantic Times

If you’re looking for a taste of a mixed genre, one that consists of thrilling science fiction mixed with erotica, this is definitely one to consider…This tale is heady, sensual and engaging…[Wylde] asserts her mastery of the sensual SF romantic thriller. An unforgettable read that’s immensely alluring, surprising, and heart-throbbing. The vivid details, colorful descriptions, and wonderfully drawn characters leave one breathless and asking, when and where is the next book coming out?”—Yet Another Book Review

I was spellbound by [Kate Wylde’s] perceptive yet unobtrusive writing and the intriguing, breathtaking storyline. The heroine’s clever portrayal captivated me…Genevieve is lovely, strong-willed, highly sexual, and athletic…memorable…The book’s gripping atmosphere always felt compellingly real.”—All About Romance

“[Kate Wylde] has penned a novel which is extremely sensual. Combine that with suspense and danger, mythology and mysticism, you get Collision with Paradise….Never a dull moment…I would love to see more stories set in this universe.”

Collision with Paradise is an erotic, sci-fi adventure that snares the reader from the beginning…an adventure you will want to repeat.”—Writers Unlimited

“…If you love to try to figure out things, this book is certainly for you…very sensual.”—The Romance Studio

“…very refreshing, very different…this story not only touched my erotic side, but also my intellectual side.”—Fallen Angel Reviews 


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